Ambling in Amed, East Bali

Ambling in Amed, East Bali

Last week we went to Amed.

Murni and I were with Southeast Asian textiles’ expert Dr Linda McIntosh and we were on a mission.

The mission was to scout out places to bring a small select group of textile enthusiasts to.

We needed to find interesting weavers and dyers, who were still using and creating natural dyes, and trying to maintain the old traditions, which are in danger of dying out and disappearing.

We got up before sunrise and set off in search of textile producers.

We saw some amazing sights.

‘To learn the magic of light get up before sunrise and watch’ – Ted Grant – and we did.

David Young said, ‘It is the photographing of ordinary things, in extraordinary light, which results in extraordinary photographs.’  We stayed 3 days and the light was different everyday and every minute of everyday. It was all extraordinary.

Mission accomplished, we have launched and invite those interested in textiles and culture to join Murni’s Textile and Cultural Tour at Murni’s Houses.

Ambling in Amed, East Bali. There are more photographs on