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Balinese Painting Classes

Balinese Painting Classes

Balinese Painting

Balinese Painting Balinese Painting

Traditional Balinese Painting Classes are available at Murni’s Houses for artists and budding artists. Ubud is the artists’ village. There are many artists in Ubud but we have got one of the best to give you lessons, one to one.

No experience necessary.

Classes are 3 hours.

Book as much in advance as possible.

We will call the artist.

We will put the amount on your bill and you can pay on check out.

Materials are included. Note that prices can change.

US$65 per person.


Balinese Painting Classes

Learn Indonesian or Balinese at Murni’s Houses

Learn Indonesian or Balinese at Murni’s Houses


murni's class indonesian language lesson


The locals love it when you try and speak Indonesian and for sure you’ll get better prices in the shops as well as having a lot of fun!

Bahasa Indonesia is not as difficult as many other languages. There are no tenses. Verbs aren’t conjugated. Plurals are often just repeating the same word twice. Same alphabet as in English and it’s pretty much spoken as it’s written. There are no tones. You can get by nicely on less than 500 words.

Balinese is a bit more difficult!

We are lucky to have a very experienced and patient teacher, Nyoman, who will happily give guests staying at Murni’s Houses classes right here at Murni’s Houses.

She’s been teaching expats and visitors since 1992 and can teach any level. She will concentrate on anything you wish.

Rp 175,000 per person per 90 minute class.

No minimum number of students.

Book as much in advance as possible. She is quite a busy lady.

Email: murni (at) or tell Reception.

June 2016.


Half Day and Full Day Photography Tours

Half Day and Full Day Photography Tours

with two of Bali’s best photographers

Photo Tour-16

Join David and Nyoman (and Jonathan if he’s around) and explore the best photographic areas of Ubud and the surrounding mountains away from the tourist trail. You will be shooting in stunning locations and guided with practical photographic tips to enhance your photography skills.

Photo Tour-43

Hands-on photo tips whilst photographing including use of filters, shooting on manual, landscape photography, capturing light, understanding depth of field, aperture, composition, the use of light meters and engaging with your subject.

Photo Tour-24

Join David and/or Nyoman and explore the best photographic areas of Ubud and the surrounding volcanoes away from the tourist trail. Sunrise over Mount Agung and the rice fields.

Visit ancient temples, traditional markets, dramatic landscapes and photograph rural Balinese life. Including traditional ceremonies (subject to temple schedules).

They cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Tour Options

Half-day or full-day – to attend a ceremony would be full day.

What you get

Hands-on professional guidance whilst photographing.

Tour includes a free 20 x 26 cm print in David’s gallery.

David is very passionate about photography and leads tours throughout Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and the USA. He is a skilled and patient teacher.

Nyoman is a local Balinese photographer born and raised in Ubud. Nyoman’s special connection with the local villages means you will be exploring places and witnessing ceremonies that very few tourists get to.

Half-Day & Full-Day Tour Prices

Half-day Tour:             US$120 per person

Non-Photographer:      US$60

Full-day tour:              USD$200 per person

Non-Photographer:      US$120

Minimum 2 people

US$50 surcharge for single person (but check as they may already have others)

What to bring?

Any type of camera from point and shoot to DSLR. i-Phone and i-Pad is fine.

Half-day and Full-day Tour

5:30 am – Pick up at Murni’s Houses. Comfortable air-conditioned van

10:30 am – Half-day tour finishes – drop back to Murni’s Houses

2.00 pm – Full-day tour finishes – includes lunch and drop back to Murni’s Houses

You will take home spectacular images of Bali and have a unique experience shared with the local Balinese people and go deeper into the culture.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your camera and how to maximize it for the best results. They will teach you to experiment with new and different settings.

David is a professional photographer with an in depth knowledge of Nikon equipment. Nyoman has extensive knowledge of Canon functionality. David’s photography is widely published in airline magazines, newspapers and several leading lifestyle magazines.

Bring extras if you have them

Bring your tripod and lenses if you have them. Nikon and Canon lenses and some filters are available for use.

Photo Tour-26

Nyoman is a local Balinese photographer born and raised in Ubud. Nyoman’s special connection with the local villages means you will be exploring places and witnessing ceremonies that very few tourists get to.

Photo Tour-13

Book as much in advance as possible – they get booked up

Email: murni (at) or tell Reception.

We will call them for you, check availability and reserve the places.

You pay them direct. Note that prices can change.



Balinese Dancing

Balinese Dancing Classes

Balinese Dancing Classes

Traditional Balinese Dancing classes are available for guests staying at Murni’s Houses.

No experience is necessary. The Balinese Dancing lessons are tailor-made to your experience and interests.

Bintang was born in Ubud and began dancing at the age of 8 and gained experience at many temple ceremonies in Bali. She graduated from STSI University in Denpasar. She performs at Ubud Palace and is very active teaching dance.

She has a very patient teaching manner and teaches males and females. You will learn good technique and posture.

Beginners Balinese Dancing Classes: a welcome dance such as Gabor, Pendet or Puspajali.

Dancers with experience: Legong or Baris.

If you have a particular dance in mind, please ask.

Book as much in advance as possible. Email: murni at or tell Reception.

We will call the dancer. If you want to hire a dance costume, please let us know. The cost is different for each costume. It’s great for exercise and photos.


Beginners Balinese Dancing Classes

Batik Painting

batik paintingBatik painting is very Indonesian. The batik course may be from 1 to 5 days, in the mornings, from about 10 am to 2 pm. If you wish you can use your optional activities to go on more than one course. You can learn the art of batik from a very basic level to a more advanced stage as desired!

1 and 2 days covers:

  • Brief introduction to the “story” of batik
  • The materials and tools used
  • The techniques for painting with canting and brush
  • Hand colour & dip dyeing in 3 to 4 colours
  • Dyeing sequence
  • Wax removal
  • Finishing touches for final product

3 and 4 days covers:

  • As above, but with the addition of :
  • Expanded knowledge of types of wax and effects that can be created (eg. wax and cracking)
  • More variation of colour through hand painting
  • and dip dyeing
  • Wider use of tools (large, small spout cantings)
  • Working on 2 pieces of work to utilise a variety of
  • techniques

5 days course covers:

  • Includes both of the above
  • but allows the student to experiment more independently using the knowledge gained in the first three – four days to bemore creative – yet still under guidance of the teacher

Book as much in advance as possible.

We will call and reserve the places.

Materials are included.


Learn how to make Balinese Offerings

offeringLearn how to make Balinese Offerings.
Offerings are called banten in Balinese, a word that may come from the Sanskrit word ‘bali’, which means ‘tribute’, ‘obligation’ or ‘gift’. This may even be the origin of the name of the island. You see them everywhere in Bali.

An offering is something that is offered for a religious purpose. It can be anything. Dances, music, cockfights and readings from the scriptures in the temple are all offerings.

More common, however, are offerings made of natural, perishable materials, like food, fruit and flowers. There is a chapter on them in our book Secrets of Bali.

We will show you how to make a beautiful offering called a canang and you will see how easy – or difficult – it is.

Book as much in advance as possible.

We will provide the materials, palm leaves and flowers.

We will call and reserve the places.


Bumbu Bali Cooking Classes

Bumbu Bali Cooking Classes
Every Day 9.00 am – finish
Every Day 4 pm – 7 pm (no market tour but you can do that in the morning and join the class in the afternoon)

Normal Class
• Base Gede
• Sayur Urab
• Tuna Sambal Matah
• Tempe Manis
• Opor Ayam
• Bali Saté Lilit
• Special Recipe from the Chef

Vegetarian Class
• Base Gede
• Sayur Urab
• Tempe Manis
• Tahu Guling Telor
• Bergedel
• Gado Gado
• Sambal Tahu

Extra Day Class
• Babi Kecap
• Nasi Goreng
• Tum
• Bergedel
• Bubur Injin

Half Day Program
9 am Meet at Bumbu Bali Restaurant
9.15 am Arrive at Ubud Market
10.15 am Start the cooking program
2 pm Dessert and Brem punch
Includes: Recipe book, Bumbu Bali apron, Brem punch, natural mineral water, all the food you make during the class.

We will call and reserve the places.


Casa Luna Cooking Classes

cooking classYou will learn Balinese cooking techniques, alternative ingredients and fascinating kitchen myths of this unique culture.

Each session includes a lavish Balinese feast and complete class notes.

Mondays 9.30 am – 1.00 pm

Spiced fish in banana leaves
Asian spinach in tomato sambal
Black rice pudding
Fragrant tuna curry
Carrot & cucumber salad

Rp 350,000 per person

Tuesdays market tour 8.00 am – 1.00 pm

Mie goreng
Roasted white eggplant
Green coconut crepes
Tempe curry
Fern salad

Rp 350,000 per person

Wednesdays 9.30 am – 1.00 pm

Balinese chicken satay
Beans in coconut milk
Corn fritters
Fragrant yellow rice

Rp 350,000 per person

Thursdays market tour 8.00 am – 1.00 pm

Chicken curry
Coconut and anchovy sambal
Stir-fried eggplant
Bean-coconut salad
Sago pudding

Rp 350,000 per person

Fridays beginners class 9.30 am – 12.00 pm

Nasi goreng
Fruit in coconut milk

Chicken satay
Peanut sauce

Rp 350,000 per person

Gourmet food tour: Palm sugar and sea salt 8.00 am – 2.00 pm

Enjoy a tour to the picturesque East and witness the time-honoured technique of making caramel-flavoured palm sugar in a charming hillside compound followed by a visit to see the making of fresh sea salt and a seafood lunch nearby at a famous local eatery.

Meet at Casa Luna 8.00 am

Rp 400,000 per person

“ NEW” Gourmet food tour: Night Market Feast Thursdays & Fridays 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Visit the bustling Gianyar night market at dusk and experience the ambiance of a Balinese “pasar.” Learn about local snacks and traditional market foods followed by an open-air feast of home-cooked specialities.

Rp 350,000 per person

Sunday twilight Smoked Duck Class 5.30 pm– 9.00 pm

Learn the secrets of Bali’s most celebrated dishes. Our smoked duck feast includes lawar, yellow rice, coconut ice-cream and rice wine.

Rp 450,000 per person
They need a minimum of 4 people needed for classes, but usually that’s not a problem.

Free pick up and drop back to Murni’s Houses.