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Christmas Rijsttafel

Christmas Rijsttafel

Christmas RijsttafelChristmas Rijsttafel

Our Christmas Rijsttafel consists of yellow or red rice surrounded by side dishes prepared in various different ways. Rijsttafels feature a range of flavours, colours and textures and degrees of spiciness. The Dutch introduced the rice table so that they could enjoy a wide array of dishes at a single sitting and impress their visitors with an exotic abundance of food.


Pumpkin Soup


Rijsttafel Carnivore: Steamed Yellow Rice, Balinese Sayur Urab, Zoodles, Smoked Duck, Smoked Chicken, Prawns, Saté Fish Lilit, Perkedel, Sambal Matah, Sambal Hijau


Rijsttafel Vegetarian: Steamed Red Rice, Balinese Sayur Urab, Zoodles, Sautéed Tofu and Tempe, Potato Perkedel, Tofu Saté Lilit, Sambal Matah


Home-made Mango or Coconut Ice Cream


Carnivores:  Rp 165,000                                Vegetarians:   Rp 139,000


We add the standard 10% government tax and 5% service charge



By email: murni at
Tel: +62 361 975233

Christmas Rijsttafel

Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile Inflight Magazine

Smile Inflight Magazine Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile inflight magazine for Cebu Pacific Airways  November 2017

“The countryside is all around Ubud if you just know where to look: get out there with the Bali Bird Walk (US$37). Curious travellers will find the tour worth every dollar: as you stroll through the rice fields you’ll spot egrets, herons, kingfishers and amphibians, and learn about the traditions that have shaped these ancient landscapes. The tour includes an Indonesian lunch at Murni’s Warung (Jalan Raya Campuhan), Ubud’s first real restaurant, dating all the way back to 1974; the nasi campur (rice with a range of vegetables and curries) is a classic choice. ”

Murni's Warung Ubud Smile Magazine


Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide

Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide

murni's warung, epicure, baliBali Special

Famed for its pristine beaches, striking sunsets and rich culture, the sought-after Indonesian destination also boasts a burgeoning number of highly lauded hotels, restaurants and bars. Meredith Woo goes on a gastronomic eight-day journey to the Island of the Gods.

An Ubud Invitation

An hour from the closest beach town, inland Ubud offers other attractions: art and culture, serenity and some of Mother Nature’s best views.

A day trip to the central foothills of Gianyar regency will not suffice. Ubud has so much more to offer – from meditative sunrise mountain peak views to villages known for intricate silver-smithing and the delicate craft of egg painting.


If you seek museum quality relics, visit Murni’s Warung Shop. A plethora of rare pieces such as a Balinese comb bearing green and red carnellians (Rp 5,750,000) and intricate batik stamps (from Rp 385,000) feature in this 41-year-old establishment, which is part gallery.

The adjoining four-storey restaurant offers daily specials such as stir-fried duck (Rp 79,000) and beef rendang. Beyond Murni’s expertise in Asian antiques, textiles and food, she has expanded her portfolio to include a spa and guest houses in downtown Ubud.

Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide






Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide

Gift Voucher for Warung

Gift Vouchers are the perfect present for every occasion.

Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or to reward someone – everyone is pleased to receive a Gift Voucher, especially of course for Christmas.

You can pay using PayPal by going to their web site (

We will be happy to write a special message in the Gift Voucher and email it for you.

Email: murni (at)

Bali – Green Utopia – Ubud

ubud, bali, murni, murni's warung, tamarind spa, massage, eat, restaurantBali – Green Utopia – Ubud

Stephanie Brookes

iFly – KLM in flight magazine

July 2016

The ultimate palms and paradise destination? There are many, and Bali is definitely on the shortlist. But there’s more to the Indonesian island besides white-sand beaches and clear blue water…

For me, the town of Ubud is the best place to base myself. I find myself among the tranquil, terraced rice fields and beautiful mountain scenery …  my adventurous week … aimed at exploring and experiencing Bali’s local way of life.

Rejuvenation treatment 

The next day, my body tells me it is time to take a rest. I book a three-hour relaxation and rejuvenation treatment at Murni’s Tamarind Spa in Ubud. Locally, Murni is affectionately known as ‘the Mother of Ubud’. She pioneered tourism in Ubud in the 1970s by setting up her legendary restaurant, Murni’s Warung, where artists, adventurers and academics hung out, drinking mango lassies. 42 years later, Murni still lovingly presides over her dream creation on the jungle-clad Campuan Gorge above the Wos River. The stellar-rated Tamarind Spa is the latest addition to Murni’s business. Under a beautiful tamarind tree, I find out that my massage therapist, Kartini, was the former personal therapist of the President of the Seychelles.

After a welcome drink, cold towel and foot ritual, Kartini starts to weave her therapeutic magic on me. She begins with an hour-long traditional massage, deeply relaxing, mind- soothing and muscle-relieving. A full-body exfoliation follows, with a fragrant green-tea scrub and a yoghurt rub down. After that heavenly treatment, my skin feels softer than that of a baby. I end up soaking in a warm bath with multi-coloured flower petals floating on the water’s surface. Finally, after a pot of organic herbal tea and fresh tropical fruit, I leave feeling relaxed as can be.

Places to eat 

Murni’s Warung

This four-level open-air restaurant overlooks a jungle- clad ravine and raging river. Not only does the restaurant serve excellent Indonesian and western dishes, it also houses a shop with textiles, jewellery, tribal artefacts and collectables. Try their famous apple pie.

Things to do 

Murni’s Tamarind Spa

Located in the heart of Ubud, this beautiful spa in quiet tropical gardens offers aromatherapy massages, traditional Balinese boreh herbal scrubs and more.

Bali – Green Utopia – Ubud

Murni’s Warung – Guide Naturale de Bali

Murni’s Warung – Guide Naturale de Bali

Murni's Warung, Guide Naturale de BaliFace à la gorge à Murni’s Warung: En 1974, Ni Wayan Murni ouvrait le premier restaurant d’Ubud, où elle servait un mélange de recettes occidentales et balinaises. Depuis, des generations de touristes ont savouré la qualité de sa cuisine. Face aux rochers coverts de mousse de la gorge entroite de Campuhan, les quatres étages en terrasses semblent hors de ce monde. Les petits déjeuners sont extraordinaires, et à toute heure vous apprécierez les spécialités locales, les plats végétariens, les yaourts maison, les jus de fruits et les gâteaux inoubliables.”

Guide Naturale de Bali – 2005

Murni’s Warung – Guide Naturale de Bali

Merian Live! Bali Reisen mit Erlebnis-Garantie – 2002

Merian Live! Bali Reisen mit Erlebnis-Garantie – 2002

cover-merian-live-baliMurni’s Warung: Das bekannteste und schönste Restaurant Ubuds findet sich am Ortsausgang (Campuan) an einer alten Hängebrücke (parallel verläuft die neue Strassenbrücke nach Kedewatan). Das Restaurant ist in den Abhang einer Sclucht gebaut und bietet Sitzmöglichkeiten auf drei Etagen. Die seit langem etablierte Gaststätte hat sich dem westlichen Essensgeschmack angepasst: Auf der Karte stehen neben indonesischen Speisen auch joghurt und Sago-Pudding, Guacamole und Lasagne, ebenso eine grosse Auswahl von hausgemachten Torten und Kuchen.”

Merian Live! Bali Reisen mit Erlebnis-Garantie – 2002

Le Guide du Routard – Indonésie – 2002

Le Guide du Routard – Indonésie – 2002

cover-guide-du-routardMurni’s Warung: Sur Jalan Raya Ubud juste avant le pont. Tel: 975233. Bien indiquée de la route. Pleusieurs niveaux, une boutique, un bar-salon… terasse dominant la rivière et l’épaisse vegetation. Superbe addresse où curries, poisson, viande et desserts sont realisés avec brio. Également cuisses de grenouilles, gaspacho et d’autres choses originales et raffinées.”



Le Guide du Routard – Indonésie – 2002 – 3