Articles about Murni

There are many Articles about Murni. Having created Murni’s Warung, Murni’s Warung Shop, Murni’s Houses and Tamarind Spa, she has been  interviewed often.

Interview with Ubud’s Leading LadyInterview with Ubud’s Leading Lady Published 27 November 2017 Murni in the garden of Murni’s Houses. Interview with Ubud’s Leading Lady:  Murni is a unique and fast moving Balinese lady who knows how to get things done. She has a contagious smile and a genuine passion for life. FRV had a chat recently while staying … Continue reading Interview with Ubud’s Leading Lady
Murni is an international treasureMurni is an international treasure Mary Letterii, San Francisco 6 December 2000 “What a wonderful surprise to meet such a dear old friend on the web! Ni Wayan Murni is an international treasure! Murni’s kindness, warmth, gracious hospitality and genuine caring for her community, family, guests and friends around the world have endeared her to … Continue reading Murni is an international treasure
Bali Gods CryingBali Gods Crying Bali Gods Crying Richard Mann Gateway Books International, 2013 The novel is based on true events in which unscrupulous criminals are threatening Bali’s Hindu religion and civilization. The heroine lives in Ubud. “Maybe something romantic will happen to you,” said Oz wickedly. Celine was silent, looking around her. They had a late … Continue reading Bali Gods Crying
Murni and Murni’s Warung in LiteratureMurni and Murni’s Warung in Literature Golton Island Douglas Gellatly Smashwords, 2013 The novel is the second of an ebook trilogy following the lives of two gay guys called Richard and Max, who live on Golton Island, Australia.   “Being much nearer to the equator than their own Golton Island, the sun set at about … Continue reading Murni and Murni’s Warung in Literature
Ubud is a MoodUbud is a Mood James Murdoch, Sayan, Bali Ubud is a Mood, 2004 “Murni’s Warung is justly famous. It was the first warung to cater for the tourist trade, and since then has maintained its standards and trade. Murni has an uncanny eye for beautiful and rare objects and she has established her own signature … Continue reading Ubud is a Mood
Murni, The Ibu of UbudMurni, the Ibu of Ubud The Jakarta Post, 11 January 2001 Rob Goodfellow   UBUD, Bali (JP): I was having dinner with an international businesswoman based in Singapore. I asked if she knew Murni’s Warung in Bali. Without blinking she said, “Know Murni? Of course I know Murni! Everyone knows Murni. She is a legend. Travelers … Continue reading Murni, The Ibu of Ubud
Ni Wayan MurniNi Wayan Murni Andrew Charles Editor, Hello Bali, April 2005   Ibu Murni is a well-known character in Ubud as owner of Murni’s Warung, Murni’s Villas and many other enterprises but it wasn’t always like this. Murni Back in the 1950s, life was hard. Murni’s parents split up and at the age of 6 or … Continue reading Ni Wayan Murni
Ni Wayan Murni: Ubud’s First RestaurateurSiapa…? Al Hickey Bali Advertiser May 2005   Ni Wayan Murni: Ubud’s First Restaurateur. Ni Wayan Murni is a pioneer of tourism in Bali. She is the owner of Murni’s Warung, the Kunang-Kunang shops, Murni’s Villas and Murni’s Houses. Murni opened Ubud’s first restaurant in 1974 and it remains first in the hearts of many … Continue reading Ni Wayan Murni: Ubud’s First Restaurateur
The Interview: An Ubud OriginalThe Interview: An Ubud Original The Interview: An Ubud Original Suanda Hello Bali, April 2006   The Interview: An Ubud Original. Comprised of 4 levels and situated on a lush ravine overlooking the sacred Campuan River in Ubud, Murni’s Warung is an institution that has been serving the best in traditional Balinese cuisine for over … Continue reading The Interview: An Ubud Original
Ni Wayan Murni: Balinese entrepreneur and travelerNi Wayan Murni: Balinese entrepreneur and traveler Andrew Charles Jakarta Post 21 July 2006   Ni Wayan Murni is a revered character in Ubud as owner of Murni’s Warung, Murni’s Villas and many other enterprises, but it wasn’t always like this. Back in the 1950s, life was hard. Murni’s parents split up and, at the … Continue reading Ni Wayan Murni: Balinese entrepreneur and traveler
Meeting Ni Wayan MurniMeeting Ni Wayan Murni John Braine The Times, Lombok, July – August 2007   Meeting Ni Wayan Murni. I arrived early for my meeting with Ni Wayan Murni. Ni Wayan Murni tells us four things. ‘Ni’ that she is female, ‘Wayan’ that she is the first-born, ‘Murni’ that she has been given the name ‘pure’ … Continue reading Meeting Ni Wayan Murni
Warna-Warni Pengalaman Hidup Ni Wayan MurniWarna-Warni Pengalaman Hidup Ni Wayan Murni Kolektor barang seni dan pusaka serta perintis pariwisata di Ubud ini mengenang masa hidupnya yang susah sebagai pengalaman yang sangat berharga. Rani R. Moediarta, Pesona, November 2007   Warna-Warni Pengalaman Hidup Ni Wayan Murni. Siapa pun yang berkunjung ke Ubud, Bali, tentu pernah melewati Murni’s Warung. Warung ini menempati … Continue reading Warna-Warni Pengalaman Hidup Ni Wayan Murni
Murni! The Matriarch of BaliMurni! The Matriarch of Bali Dallas Hall  The World of Dalilambchop, 26 January 2009   The Matriarch of Ubud. 22 years ago this month I made my first trip to Asia. The first place that I landed was Bali. Frankly, I was a little skeptical and afraid but I got lucky and found the world … Continue reading Murni! The Matriarch of Bali
Murni’s Warung, Ubud, BaliMurni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali Janet De Neefe Garuda, The Magazine of Garuda Indonesia, July 2009   “The story of my life is a long and complicated one” she said softly. And thus began my interview with the legendary Murni of Murni’s Warung in Ubud. Many of my fondest memories of Ubud in the eighties are … Continue reading Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali
Back with a Song to Sing and so many Tales to TellBack with a Song to Sing and so many Tales to Tell Janet de Neefe Jakarta Post 1 August 2009 Back at my writing desk. It feels a little strange as I step into my pre-loved Jakarta Post dancing shoes once again. The buckles are rusty, the toes are tight and the leather lacks that … Continue reading Back with a Song to Sing and so many Tales to Tell
Murni’s Story   Murni’s Story Ni Luh Dian Purniawati Bali & Beyond March 2010 Bali & Beyond recently sat down with the namesake owner of Murni’s Warung, one of the restaurants hailing from the early days of Ubud’s tourism growth that has endured and progressed until now, to talk about her recollections on Ubud’s development. To the … Continue reading Murni’s Story
Magical BaliMagical Bali Charles and Mary Love Charleston Style & Design, October 2010 Planning a trip to Bali arouses expectations of achieving nirvana or, at least, of escaping from the mundane. And those who visit usually aren’t disappointed. Consider the current movie based on the popular memoir, Eat, Pray, Love by American writer Elizabeth Gilbert. The … Continue reading Magical Bali
Murni: A Tourism PioneerMurni: A Tourism Pioneer Murni – A Tourism Pioneer Al Hickey Bali Advertiser, 28 December 2011   Ni Wayan Murni’s remarkable story began at the very dawn of the age of mass tourism in Bali at a time when Ubud was a sleepy backcountry village. Hers is the story of a woman’s drive to succeed … Continue reading Murni: A Tourism Pioneer
The Making of UbudThe Making of Ubud Bali’s Art, Culture, And Heritage Village Richard Mann, Gateway Books International, 2013   The Making of Ubud. Ni Wayan Murni is another example of what happened when new elements began to appear in Ubud. Generations of Murni’s family had worked as farmers on land around Ubud, obedient to the seasons, fulfilling … Continue reading The Making of Ubud
Murni’s Success SecretsMurni’s Success Secrets Murni’€™s success secrets Intan Tanjung The Jakarta Post 21 August 2013   She has hosted top celebrities from David Copperfield, Richard Gere to Richard Branson  but Ni Wayan Murni finds comfort outside the spotlight simply by being herself. Her hair is mostly grey now but it’€™s hard to miss the grace and … Continue reading Murni’s Success Secrets
Bali Soul JournalsBali Soul Journals Bali Soul Journals Clare McAlaney and Trish McNeill Creatavision Publishing, 2015 I imagine Murni in 1960, pigtails flying as she squeals with excitement dodging dogs and other bicycles on her travels through Bali. A farmer turns and smiles as she holds up a golden hand that stretches upwards to a cloudless, sapphire … Continue reading Bali Soul Journals
Ubud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns FortyUbud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns Forty Katrin Figge Jakarta Globe 4 April 2014 Murni’s Warung remains an Ubud icon 40 years since it was established, with fans crediting its founder as the heart of the place and even of Ubud. (Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Copeland) She is often referred to as the “mother of Ubud,” … Continue reading Ubud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns Forty
IBU MURNI entrepreneurIBU MURNI entrepreneur The 20th anniversary issue of Hello Bali brings 20 inspiring stories and Murni’s is one of them. The Inspirators Meet the Interesting, the Intriguing, the Inspiring People in Bali who make the island a better place in their own ways. Hello Bali May 2015 Ibu Murni is a living legend in Bali. … Continue reading IBU MURNI entrepreneur
Bill Dalton, Toko BukuMurni’s Bali Tours, Murni’s Very Personal Guide to Ubud, Forty Delicious Years, Secrets of Bali and From Tattoos to Textile It’s not unusual that Ni Wayan Murni – hotelier, restaurateur, art collector, textile expert, blogger – has just published her 5th book. Everything about Murni and her wide range of interests is unusual. All of this woman’s activities … Continue reading Bill Dalton, Toko Buku