IBU MURNI entrepreneur

IBU MURNI entrepreneur

The 20th anniversary issue of Hello Bali brings 20 inspiring stories and Murni’s is one of them.


The Inspirators

Meet the Interesting, the Intriguing, the Inspiring People in Bali who make the island a better place in their own ways.

Hello Bali May 2015

Ibu Murni is a living legend in Bali. She started Murni’s Warung in Ubud, long before the island was overcrowded with tourists and taken over by commercialism. Murni’s Warung started in 1974 with humble beginnings. Ibu Murni admits that at the time she had no business plan, no mission statement, and no knowledge of Western food – all she served were bowls of soup and sandwiches. Little did she know back then that her little warung would grow into an empire.IBU MURNI entrepreneurDownload PDF