Murni! The Matriarch of Bali

Murni! The Matriarch of Bali

Dallas Hall 
The World of Dalilambchop, 26 January 2009


The Matriarch of Ubud. 22 years ago this month I made my first trip to Asia. The first place that I landed was Bali. Frankly, I was a little skeptical and afraid but I got lucky and found the world of Murni.

The world of Murni is very special. Her home is located high off the main road in Ubud among the rice patties. She has lovely accomodations placed amongst the most beautiful gardens on earth. When you stayed with Murni you were truly family. And, you remained family for the rest of your life.

There have been changes and fancier places have evolved but the energy of Murni’s was beyond compare. To this day when I’m feeling sideways I close my eyes and travel to the veranda off the main house where I usually stayed.

I remember how every afternoon around 4:00 pm one of the young ladies that worked there would come around and offer you a cold drink. If there is heaven on earth Murni’s villa’s have to be one of the places.

I hadn’t seen Murni for about 8 years but this winter one of my best buddies and his love stayed with Murni and told her that I was in Bangkok. They gave her my number and two nights ago we met again as if it had only been a week. Great friendships are like that!

We reminisced and shared stories of how we were doing as well as our grown up kids that use to run around the grounds.

I think that this week would be a great week to contact old friends that you haven’t talked to for a while and catch up. It is really a good feeling to re-connect.

Finally, coming up in San Francisco on Feb. 6 to 8 will be the 13th annual San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia Show. I think it will be a great show that is open to the public. Stop in and say hi to Murni.

The Matriarch of Ubud