Mount Agung Volcano Trek


Mount Agung Volcano Trek

Trekking to the peak of the active volcano, Mount Agung, Bali’s holiest and tallest mountain (3,142 meters) takes 4 to 5 hours (8 – 10 hours for the return journey). It is a somewhat difficult trek and requires a good level of fitness and some bravado, but is an extremely worthwhile and amazing spiritual experience.

Departing at 1 – 2 am (head torches and wet weather gear supplied, if needed) after making an offering and prayer at the holy Pasar Agung temple, the highest in Bali, begin the ascent of this impressive volcano to arrive in time to witness the most remarkable sunrise you will see in Bali and to enjoy the spectacular morning views of the neighbouring islands of Lombok, Nusa Penida and the whole south and east of Bali.

Trekking first through jungle (where you can see wildlife on the return journey) pass the tree line and trek up the lava flows of the 1963 eruption enjoying the spectacular night views of Bali (the lights are amazing).

After sunrise and making an offering and prayer on the summit of this holy mountain enjoy a well deserved breakfast before beginning the descent.

Finest breakfast available and ample water is supplied during the Mount Agung Volcano Trek.

At certain times of the month and on auspicious days it is not possible to trek to the summit of Mount Agung.

It is advisable to check as early as possible to ascertain whether it is possible to climb. It is not recommended that anyone tries this climb during the wet season.

(A single person surcharge applies if only one person is climbing).

There is no insurance cover for this climb.