Balinese Dancing

Balinese Dancing Classes

Balinese Dancing Classes

Traditional Balinese Dancing classes are available for guests staying at Murni’s Houses.

No experience is necessary. The Balinese Dancing lessons are tailor-made to your experience and interests.

Bintang was born in Ubud and began dancing at the age of 8 and gained experience at many temple ceremonies in Bali. She graduated from STSI University in Denpasar. She performs at Ubud Palace and is very active teaching dance.

She has a very patient teaching manner and teaches males and females. You will learn good technique and posture.

Beginners Balinese Dancing Classes: a welcome dance such as Gabor, Pendet or Puspajali.

Dancers with experience: Legong or Baris.

If you have a particular dance in mind, please ask.

Book as much in advance as possible. Email: murni at or tell Reception.

We will call the dancer. If you want to hire a dance costume, please let us know. The cost is different for each costume. It’s great for exercise and photos.


Beginners Balinese Dancing Classes