Bumbu Bali Cooking Classes

Bumbu Bali Cooking Classes
Every Day 9.00 am – finish
Every Day 4 pm – 7 pm (no market tour but you can do that in the morning and join the class in the afternoon)

Normal Class
• Base Gede
• Sayur Urab
• Tuna Sambal Matah
• Tempe Manis
• Opor Ayam
• Bali Saté Lilit
• Special Recipe from the Chef

Vegetarian Class
• Base Gede
• Sayur Urab
• Tempe Manis
• Tahu Guling Telor
• Bergedel
• Gado Gado
• Sambal Tahu

Extra Day Class
• Babi Kecap
• Nasi Goreng
• Tum
• Bergedel
• Bubur Injin

Half Day Program
9 am Meet at Bumbu Bali Restaurant
9.15 am Arrive at Ubud Market
10.15 am Start the cooking program
2 pm Dessert and Brem punch
Includes: Recipe book, Bumbu Bali apron, Brem punch, natural mineral water, all the food you make during the class.

We will call and reserve the places.