Learn Indonesian or Balinese at Murni’s Houses

Learn Indonesian or Balinese at Murni’s Houses


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The locals love it when you try and speak Indonesian and for sure you’ll get better prices in the shops as well as having a lot of fun!

Bahasa Indonesia is not as difficult as many other languages. There are no tenses. Verbs aren’t conjugated. Plurals are often just repeating the same word twice. Same alphabet as in English and it’s pretty much spoken as it’s written. There are no tones. You can get by nicely on less than 500 words.

Balinese is a bit more difficult!

We are lucky to have a very experienced and patient teacher, Nyoman, who will happily give guests staying at Murni’s Houses classes right here at Murni’s Houses.

She’s been teaching expats and visitors since 1992 and can teach any level. She will concentrate on anything you wish.

Rp 175,000 per person per 90 minute class.

No minimum number of students.

Book as much in advance as possible. She is quite a busy lady.

Email: murni (at) murnis.com or tell Reception.

June 2016.