Learn how to make Balinese Offerings

offeringLearn how to make Balinese Offerings.
Offerings are called banten in Balinese, a word that may come from the Sanskrit word ‘bali’, which means ‘tribute’, ‘obligation’ or ‘gift’. This may even be the origin of the name of the island. You see them everywhere in Bali.

An offering is something that is offered for a religious purpose. It can be anything. Dances, music, cockfights and readings from the scriptures in the temple are all offerings.

More common, however, are offerings made of natural, perishable materials, like food, fruit and flowers. There is a chapter on them in our book Secrets of Bali.

We will show you how to make a beautiful offering called a canang and you will see how easy – or difficult – it is.

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