Murni’s Shop Reviews

Murni’s Shop Reviews

Murni’s Warung ShopMurni’s Warung Shop Murni’s Warung Shop  “Traditional arts and crafts from all over the archipelago assiduously collected by Murni who has formidable fine arts credentials and seasoned and sophisticated taste.” Periplus Guide to Bali, the Island of the Gods, 2005     Murni’s Warung Shop  
Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali GuideMurni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide Bali Special Famed for its pristine beaches, striking sunsets and rich culture, the sought-after Indonesian destination also boasts a burgeoning number of highly lauded hotels, restaurants and bars. Meredith Woo goes on a gastronomic eight-day journey to the Island of the Gods. An Ubud Invitation An hour from … Continue reading Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide
Murni’s Warung ShopMurni’s Warung Shop Bali, The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Spectacular Tropical Island, Linda Hoffman, Tuttle Publishing, 2012 “Murni’s Warung Shop at Murni’s Warung, Jalan Raya, Ubud, beside the Campuan bridge, tel 972146. Traditional arts and crafts from all over the archipelago, as well as overseas, assiduously collected by Murni who has formidable fine … Continue reading Murni’s Warung Shop
most fashionable antique shops“Upscale Murni’s in Campuhan is one of the most fashionable antique shops in the Ubud area.” Bill Dalton Bali Handbook
The New York Times, 9 April 1995Murni’s Houses. Carey Lovelace, The New York Times 9 April 1995 “I was lucky enough to spend 14 of my 18 days in Ubud at Murni’s Houses … Aside from running one of the area’s best-known restaurants, the enterprising Murni (in Bali, last names are considered sacred and never used) is also the proprietor of … Continue reading The New York Times, 9 April 1995
Favourite Places in the WorldFavourite Places in the World Jane Rutter’s Favourite Places in the World Murni’s Warung Shop The Australian, 8 December 2007 “I feel as if I grew up in Bali, as I went there so often as a teenager and young woman. Murni’s is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of luscious Asian objets d’art, furniture and textiles. … Continue reading Favourite Places in the World
Weaving a Spell  Weaving a Spell Weaving a Spell Carol Walker Travel Today Egypt, September/October 2004   Years before I first saw geringsing, I had heard stories of this famous, supposedly magical textile of East Bali. Experts on Southeast Asian weaving assumed a reverent tone whenever speaking of this fabled cloth. Even the name — pronounced “GRINGsing,” … Continue reading Weaving a Spell
Buying Textiles in BaliBuying Textiles in Bali Buying Textiles in Bali Carol Walker Travel Today Egypt, September/October 2004 Everything from traditional Balinese and other Indonesian designs to tourist-oriented novelty pieces is sold in Bali. Likewise, quality and price cover a wide spectrum. Types of authentic Balinese textiles include: Ikat – Also called endek in Bali, where the pattern … Continue reading Buying Textiles in Bali
Art Treasures of UbudArt Treasures of Ubud Bali & Beyond Magazine, October 2002 Dr. Vivienne Kruger Murni used the profits of her Warung Shop, her famously successful Warung, and Murni’s Houses – to return to and indulge her first love: wonderful works of traditional art created by the diverse peoples of the Indonesian archipelago. In 1988, she leased (and … Continue reading Art Treasures of Ubud
Shop Smart Bali & LombokShop Smart Bali & Lombok Book Review Ni Wayan Murni Hello Bali, November 2006 ShopSmart: Bali & Lombok, edited by Jane Marsden, 2006   I often get asked by people writing books if I would be happy for my restaurant and shops to be reviewed. Of course I say I’d be delighted. Shortly after that … Continue reading Shop Smart Bali & Lombok
Treasures of BaliTreasures of Bali   Treasures of Bali, A Guide to Museums in Bali written and edited by Richard Mann Gateway Books International, 2006   Murni was the first person to have a proper gallery of antiques, textiles, costumes, old beads, tribal jewelry, stone carvings, masks and other ethnic pieces in Ubud. She started her shop … Continue reading Treasures of Bali
The First Antique Shop in Bali – Murni’s Warung ShopThe First Antique Shop in Bali – Murni’s Warung Shop The First Antique Shop in Bali – Murni’s Warung Shop Sky Publishing Guide to Bali 2013-14 Hong Kong   Murni is always travelling around Asia in search of top quality arts, crafts and antiques. She generously put some of her collection in the shop for … Continue reading The First Antique Shop in Bali – Murni’s Warung Shop


“Murni’s Warung … sell quality Indonesian antiques…”

Julie Gaw
Driving Yourself Around the Bend in Bali
Time, 9 October 2000


“Murni’s shops are fabulous. Her taste is exquisite and her sources are the best. For jewelry, textiles, tribal art and antiques and some furniture she is the best.”