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Maps of Murni’s Houses

Maps of Murni’s Houses

We have maps of Murni’s Houses – 2 are in Chinese.

Click on the map for a larger version.

Murni's in Bali Map

Murni’s Houses is about 5 minutes walk from the town centre.

From the town centre, start on the side of the main road where the market is, opposite the palace, and go towards Murni’s Warung.

Go past Jalan Bisma and we are the next on the left.

Go up the ramp at the aqueduct on the main road opposite the temple – there’s a sign at the top – left at the top and 2nd gate on the right.

Map of Ubud

map ubud Chinese

Map of Ubud in Chinese

close up map in Chinese

Close up map of Ubud in Chinese

Maps of Murni’s Houses