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Bali Photography Tours

Bali Photography Tours

Photo Tour-1


We’ve been talking to David about the possibility of offering Bali Photography Tours to guests of Murni’s Houses for over a decade and now it’s finally happened. It was worth the wait!


Photo Tour-22


He’s providing Half Day and Full Day tours – there are four different themes to choose from.


Photo Tour-35

I was lucky enough to be able to join three guests on the first Bali Photography Tours and the theme was Rural Traditional Balinese Life and attending Balinese Ceremonies. They keep the number of guests small – minimum two, but it can even be one, with a small additional fee.

It quickly became apparent that no two tours are alike and they adapt the day to what is happening on the ground, and in Bali what is happening on the ground is totally unpredictable and full of delicious surprises.


Photo Tour-23


They picked us up at Murni’s Houses at 5.30 am. Full marks for the early start as early light is the best light. Photography is really about painting with light and harsh midday sun makes for harsh photos. It is also delightfully cool.

We drove a short distance, about half an hour, to a nearby place in the countryside where there was the most dramatic view of Mount Agung, the largest volcano in Bali. It was still dark but the early morning rays were just beginning to peek out. Those of us who had tripods set them up.

David and his assistant Nyoman immediately started to guide us through the settings in our cameras. David is an expert on Nikons and Nyoman on Canons, but they can explain the settings on any camera. They encouraged us to get away from using AUTO and taught us how to create the shot that we saw in our heads.


Photo Tour-12


Then we wandered down the road, ricefields and trees on either side, which provided more photo opportunities, with people starting to go about their business.


Photo Tour-6


Very shortly we were down some steps at this amazing river. David had seen it before but hadn’t been down the steps. There was the most amazing light that any of us had seen.


Photo Tour-38


The first rays of the sun