What’s Melasti?

What’s Melasti?

What's Melasti?Bali has many unique traditions and one of the most colourful is Melasti, three days before the Balinese New Year, known as Nyepi. On this day, beginning in the morning, Balinese Hindus parade in Balinese dress down to the beaches, major rivers,  holy springs and lakes. One such beach is called Masceti.

What's Melasti?Melasti is a religious ritual to cleanse and purify temple objects and recharge the spiritual power within them. So, you see monstrous Barongs and tall Rangda statues, various god like masks and colourful umbrellas. High priests surrounded by worshippers on the ground say prayers, facing the ocean.

What's Melasti?The Balinese believe that the ocean’s waters have powerful healing properties and provide protection. Sand protects houses from black magic.

What's Melasti?Many years ago people travelled on foot, but now they go by car and motorbike and large trucks carry the sacred objects plus gamelan instruments plus people.

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What’s Melasti?