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Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile Inflight MagazineMurni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile inflight magazine for Cebu Pacific Airways  November 2017 “The countryside is all around Ubud if you just know where to look: get out there with the Bali Bird Walk (US$37). Curious travellers will find the tour worth every dollar: as you stroll through the rice fields you’ll spot egrets, herons, … Continue reading Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile Inflight Magazine
Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali GuideMurni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide Bali Special Famed for its pristine beaches, striking sunsets and rich culture, the sought-after Indonesian destination also boasts a burgeoning number of highly lauded hotels, restaurants and bars. Meredith Woo goes on a gastronomic eight-day journey to the Island of the Gods. An Ubud Invitation An hour from … Continue reading Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide
Bali – Green Utopia – UbudBali – Green Utopia – Ubud Stephanie Brookes iFly – KLM in flight magazine July 2016 The ultimate palms and paradise destination? There are many, and Bali is definitely on the shortlist. But there’s more to the Indonesian island besides white-sand beaches and clear blue water… For me, the town of Ubud is the best … Continue reading Bali – Green Utopia – Ubud
Turen Gar Til Bali Lombok – Af Jens Erik Ramussen – 2001“Murni’s Warung: Jalan Raya v. Wos-floden pa gransen til Campuhan. Righoldigt menukort og hyggelig atmosfaere.” Turen Gar Til Bali Lombok – Af Jens Erik Ramussen – 2001  
Murni’s Warung – Guide Naturale de BaliMurni’s Warung – Guide Naturale de Bali “Face à la gorge à Murni’s Warung: En 1974, Ni Wayan Murni ouvrait le premier restaurant d’Ubud, où elle servait un mélange de recettes occidentales et balinaises. Depuis, des generations de touristes ont savouré la qualité de sa cuisine. Face aux rochers coverts de mousse de la gorge … Continue reading Murni’s Warung – Guide Naturale de Bali
Merian Live! Bali Reisen mit Erlebnis-Garantie – 2002Merian Live! Bali Reisen mit Erlebnis-Garantie – 2002 “Murni’s Warung: Das bekannteste und schönste Restaurant Ubuds findet sich am Ortsausgang (Campuan) an einer alten Hängebrücke (parallel verläuft die neue Strassenbrücke nach Kedewatan). Das Restaurant ist in den Abhang einer Sclucht gebaut und bietet Sitzmöglichkeiten auf drei Etagen. Die seit langem etablierte Gaststätte hat sich dem … Continue reading Merian Live! Bali Reisen mit Erlebnis-Garantie – 2002
Le Guide du Routard – Indonésie – 2002Le Guide du Routard – Indonésie – 2002 “Murni’s Warung: Sur Jalan Raya Ubud juste avant le pont. Tel: 975233. Bien indiquée de la route. Pleusieurs niveaux, une boutique, un bar-salon… terasse dominant la rivière et l’épaisse vegetation. Superbe addresse où curries, poisson, viande et desserts sont realisés avec brio. Également cuisses de grenouilles, gaspacho … Continue reading Le Guide du Routard – Indonésie – 2002
Fodor’s Indonesia – 1999Fodor’s Indonesia – 1999 “Murni’s Warung: Beside a small ravine just outside Ubud, this multi-level restaurant is spacious yet intimate. The street level dining room has terrific views (particularly of a nearby waterfall), as does the downstairs bar. Throughout the shadowy wood interior is complemented by simple bamboo furniture and Indonesian art, creating a rustic … Continue reading Fodor’s Indonesia – 1999
Cadogan Guides – BaliCadogan Guides – Bali “Murni’s Warung down by the Campuhan Bridge is one of just a few places which have been catering for travellers since they began to come to Ubud in the 1960s. The warung is actually a restaurant with an excellent menu of traditional and Western-style food, including mouth-watering delicacies such as frozen … Continue reading Cadogan Guides – Bali
Insight Guide Bali, 2002Insight Guide Bali, 2002 “Murni’s (tel: 975233) located over the Campuhan River can’t be beaten – there are now three levels of seating, the grill is open for scrumptious barbecues of fish, prawns and chicken.” [Now four levels] Insight Guide Bali, 2002
Miami HeraldMiami Herald “Murni’s Warung, In-spot for a meat fix; ribs earn local raves. Under $10.” Miami Herald, 11 September 2005
Insider’s Guide to UbudInsider’s Guide to Ubud Where to Eat: Murni’s Warung Insider’s Guide to Ubud Delicious, voted the World’s best food magazine, March 2005 “This three-level restaurant is an Ubud institution. The freshly baked breads are delicious, especially in a chilli club sandwich, and you can sit on the top terrace for curries, burgers, hot dogs, steaks … Continue reading Insider’s Guide to Ubud
Lonely Planet Guide, Bali, 2005Lonely Planet Guide, Bali 2005 “Since 1977 Murni’s Warung has been an Ubud favourite. The setting is beautiful and a four level dining room overlooks the lush river valley. Indonesian dishes, curries and Western options are available. There’s a cosy bar on the second level down. One quibble: the gift shop gets bigger every year!” … Continue reading Lonely Planet Guide, Bali, 2005
The Natural Guide to Bali, 2005The Natural Guide to Bali, 2005 Eat in the Gorge at Murni’s “In 1974, Ni Wayan Murni opened Ubud’s first restaurant, where she served a mix of Western and Balnese food. Since then, generations of travellers have enjoyed the quality of her cuisine. Despite increasing road traffic, the four open-air levels facing the splendid river … Continue reading The Natural Guide to Bali, 2005
Hello Bali, April 2005Hello Bali, April 2005   Murni’s Warung Andrew Charles Editor, Hello Bali, April 2005   “As you approach through the highly-carved Balinese doors, you know you are in a place dedicated to the finer things of life…” One evening recently, I decided to meet up with my old friend, Renée, and dine in Ubud’s oldest … Continue reading Hello Bali, April 2005
Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali“Renowned antique collector Ibu Murni founded the first real restaurant in Ubud in 1974, and still manages it actively…” ShopSmart Bali & Lombok 2006
All roads lead to Murni’s WarungAll roads lead to Murni’s Warung All roads lead to Murni’s Warung, Mary, Martha, Murni’s Warung and Me Bud Smith The Times, Lombok, August – September 2007   Mary is my wife, Martha is my mistress, Murni’s Warung is a famous restaurant and I am myself. It is a long story but we all found … Continue reading All roads lead to Murni’s Warung
Rough Guide, Bali, September 2008Rough Guide, Bali September 2008 Murni’s Warung: Follow the stairs all the way down to the lowest level of this multi-tiered restaurant and you’ll approach the setting for it’s built into the wall of the steep-sided Wos River valley. This restaurant is an Ubud institution and serves curries, home-made soups and Indonesian specialties as well … Continue reading Rough Guide, Bali, September 2008
Ubud NewsUbud News Ubud News Ayu Intipid Bali Advertiser, December 2007 I remember a time when you were lucky to find anything more than fried bananas on local restaurant menus. Then came Murni’s Warung. Established in the early eighties [actually 1974], Murni’s Warung was one of the first restaurants to serve a selection of international sweet … Continue reading Ubud News
Ubud & BeyondUbud & Beyond Bali Advertiser, 2008   You can’t visit Ubud without going to Murni’s Warung, its most romantic restaurant at the Campuan bridge. The food is simply excellent and very reasonably priced. The setting above the Campuan River is stunning and it’s open every day, 9am – 10 pm. There are great local and Western … Continue reading Ubud & Beyond
Linda HoffmanBali, The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Spectacular Tropical Island Bali, The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Spectacular Tropical Island Linda Hoffman Tuttle Publishing, 2012 “West of Central Ubud. Murni’s Warung, Campuan. An old favorite, on the Ubud side of the Campuan bridge overlooking the stunning rainforest and Wos River. This multi-storied restaurant, … Continue reading Linda Hoffman
The Sydney Morning Herald  “The best place to have a meal is Murni’s Warung. A four-story open-air eatery and bar overlooking a jungle-clad bend of the Campuan River, it was the first restaurant to open in Ubud, way back in 1974.” Hip, Hitched, Hooray Ian Lloyd Neubauer The Sydney Morning Herald 10 March 2013 Aussie brides choose Bali … Continue reading The Sydney Morning Herald
Half Century Restaurant Murni’s WarungHalf Century Restaurant Murni’s Warung Half Century Restaurant Murni’s Warung The Restaurant Sky Publishing Guide to Bali 2013-14 Hong Kong Murni has a lot of businesses and this restaurant is another one. Right next to the hotel, the restaurant has already been open for nearly 50 years. Every local knows about it. Once you step … Continue reading Half Century Restaurant Murni’s Warung
Fodor’s GuideFodor’s Guide “Calling itself Ubud’s “first restaurant,” Murni’s Warung has introduced Balinese food to the likes of Richard Gere, Mick Jagger, Richard Branson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and David Copperfield. Since opening as a warung (roadside stall) in 1974, Murni’s has grown to four levels running down the river’s edge. (Book a table at the bottom … Continue reading Fodor’s Guide
Travel and Leisure AsiaTravel and Leisure Asia Murni’s Lounge Bar – Ubud’s most haunting watering hole Ian Lloyd Neubauer Travel and Leisure Asia January 2014 “Set above a gentle bend in the Agung River, Murni’s Warung holds the estimable title of being the village’s first real restaurant. Like something out of a Rudyard Kipling novel, the Lounge Bar on … Continue reading Travel and Leisure Asia
Ubud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns FortyUbud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns Forty Ubud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns Forty Katrin Figge Jakarta Globe 4 April 2014 She is often referred to as the “mother of Ubud,” and her restaurant has been a longtime favorite among both travelers and locals: Ni Wayan Murni, a Bali native who recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of … Continue reading Ubud Icon Murni’s Warung Turns Forty
The Australian Financial ReviewWorlds on a plate A fusion revolution is firing up Ubud’s fine dining scene Ian Lloyd Neubauer The Australian Financial Review, 17-21 April 2014 “An hour’s drive, but a million metaphorical miles away from the crowded beaches of southern Bali, the village of Ubud has long been cherished by travellers as a place to tune … Continue reading The Australian Financial Review
forty forteforty forte forty forte Hello Bali, Editor’s Finds, February 2015 If you have been living in Bali for some time, chances are you know and love Murni’s Warung in Ubud. Dating back to the 1970s, Murni’s Warung is
 a treasured food joint with authentic Balinese food and Campuhan River views. Furthermore, Ibu Murni herself is … Continue reading forty forte
Bali 2016 Petit FutéBali 2016 Petit Futé Bali 2016 Petit Futé. L’avis du Petit Futé sur MURNI’S WARUNG Ce vieux restaurant, tenu par une Balinaise, fut le rendez-vous des branchés des années 1975-1980. Dans un superbe cadre (descendre les terrasses successives accrochées à la gorge pour arriver tout en bas, dans un bain de fraîcheur et de végétation), … Continue reading Bali 2016 Petit Futé