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Petit Futé 2019 – Murni’s Warung

Petit Futé 2019 sur Murni’s HousesMurni’s Warung, Jalan Raya, Ubud
✆ +62 361 975233

Au niveau du pont de Campuhan.

Ouvert tous les jours de 9h à23h. Plats àpartir de 45 000 Rp.
Demandez Murni’s àvotre arrivée à Bali et votre chauffeur saura oùvous emmener. Car tout le monde connait la proprietaire des lieux, la personne la plus charmante d’Ubud vous diront meme certains.

Murni concocte depuis des decennies une cuisine indonesienne et thaïet àla fois authentique et travaillé(elle a heritédes recettes de sa mere et de sa grand- mere), àbase d’ingredients frais et de qualite. Le warung fut le rendez-vous des branches des annees 1975-1980. Dans un superbe cadre (descendre les terrasses successives accrochees a la gorge pour arriver tout en bas, dans un bain de fraicheur et de vegetation). Les gateaux maison sont simplement divins. Murni’s Warung est une institution!

Petit Futé 2019 – Murni’s Warung

Murni’s Warung, Ubud – 100 Best Foods of Bali

Murni's Warung, Ubud - 100 Best Foods of BaliMurni’s Warung, Ubud – 100 Best Foods of Bali

Murni’s Warung is a trailblazing modern restaurant in Ubud, and the name Murni is taken from the owner, Ibu Ni Wayan Murni. Where Murni’s Warung now stands, 41 years ago there were just four tables and a batik shop. Ibu Murni offered a simple menu, of coffee, toast, and customer favorite, bubuh injin, which she made herself.

Through persistence, hard work, and hospitality this small warung expanded. Together with her American husband, Pat, Ibu Murni opened a larger restaurant and enlarged the menu. Now there is not only traditional Balinese fare but also a number of international items to satisfy her customers, most of whom are foreigners. Ayam betutu is served with nasi kuning, and babi guling and bubuh injin remain favorites. To satisfy a sweet tooth, the Balinese Caramel Cake (created by Ibu Murni) and the apple pie are the most popular.

Because the restaurant is on the edge of a cliff next to the Campuhan River, it was built on four levels. Aside from the dining area, on the second floor there is a lounge bar where customers can enjoy snacks and drinks while listening to music. Choose whatever you want from the menu, then choose a great view to accompany your meal.

Murni’s Warung, Ubud – 100 Best Foods of Bali

by Bondon Winaro, Lidia Tanod and Harry Nazarudin, Penerbit Jalansutra, 2015

10 delicious Ubud restaurants with stunning views

You know Ubud is the creative heart of Bali – it’s bustling, busy and unbelievably beautiful. And while people might visit for the unique and vibrant local art, the scenery at Ubud is just as amazing as any masterpiece.

10 delicious Ubud restaurants with stunning views

Why bother to take a sightseeing tour when you can enjoy the amazing scenery over a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner?

Ubud has it all – jungle, valleys, waterfalls and paddy fields. Fortunately it isn’t just a feast for your eyes – the food is equally divine!

These are the dining experiences that you, and your photo album, will remember forever!

The Queen of Ubud – Murni’s Warung

Everyone in Ubud knows Murni’s – ask any taxi driver and they will take you to her fantastic hillside restaurant.

10 delicious Ubud restaurants with stunning views

Murni’s Warung is iconic; it’s almost as well known and popular as Ubud itself.

Murni opened her little Warung with just 1 table, 2 chairs and an icebox in 1974, and her devoted and ever growing number of satisfied customers has been increasing ever since.

The restaurant now sprawls over four levels down the side of a steep valley – land that used to be farmed by Murni’s father.

Murni’s Warung by the roadside on level 1, and immediately look out on to the luscious hillside greenery. If you want to be by the river, then descend down to level 4 and find a table on the terrace. The lazy river snakes past below you, and in front of you is a sprawling wall of foliage.

The only reminder of modern day life is the bridge above you; which makes the valley haven look and feel even more precious.

Murni’s serves a wide variety of homemade dishes with plenty of external influences from travellers that Murni has met over the years. Daily specials ensure that you never get bored of the menu – no matter how many times you go back!

The best thing? You can order as many desserts as you want and be guilt-free as a good workout is available via the steep stairs down to the river.

If you love Murni’s Warung, make sure to check out her guesthouse and craft shop for a truly authentic Balinese experience.

We love Ubud and we definitely love Murni’s!

By Kim Wilson, Trip Canvas

10 delicious Ubud restaurants with stunning views

The 50 best restaurants in Ubud

So take a break from the temples, the boutique shopping and the bucket list adventures for a moment, because you’ll want a taste of the best restaurants in Ubud. From gourmet to gastro, vegan to carnivorous, this fascinating neighbourhood has it all – no matter your budget or foodie fancy.

The 50 best restaurants in Ubud

Ask for Murni’s when you arrive in Bali and your driver will know right where to take you. Murni opened her little Warung with just one table and two chairs back in 1975, but today, this legendary restaurant sprawls over four open-air levels down the side of a steep valley. Choose to dine by the roadside or by the river – either way you won’t be disappointed as the homemade dishes are on another level, with different specials everyday. Murni’s has attracted a number of high profile clientele over the years, drawing in the celebs with her sweet & sour shrimp, Balinese duck and chicken curry.


2 July 2018


The 50 best restaurants in Ubud

Ubud’s 9 Best Bars

Think that Ubud is only yoga studios, rice paddies and Balinese temples? Think again.

Busy by day, peaceful by night, Ubud isn’t really known for it’s raging nightlife – but know where to look and you’ll find a growing number of trendy watering holes (and a few old favourites) dotted around town for the after hours crew. Here’s 9 of the very best for you to whet your whistle at.

Ubud’s 9 Best Bars

The Bar at Murni’s

One of Ubud’s true hidden gems, this atmospheric cocktail bar is hidden down a few flights of stairs below Murni’s restaurant – one of the first ever to open in the area over 30 years ago. Its magical ambiance harks back to a forgotten era of Bali, and a tried and tested cocktail list ensures you’ll end up staying way longer than you expect.


28 February 2018


Ubud’s 9 Best Bars

Christmas Rijsttafel

Christmas Rijsttafel

Christmas RijsttafelChristmas Rijsttafel

Our Christmas Rijsttafel consists of yellow or red rice surrounded by side dishes prepared in various different ways. Rijsttafels feature a range of flavours, colours and textures and degrees of spiciness. The Dutch introduced the rice table so that they could enjoy a wide array of dishes at a single sitting and impress their visitors with an exotic abundance of food.


Pumpkin Soup


Rijsttafel Carnivore: Steamed Yellow Rice, Balinese Sayur Urab, Zoodles, Smoked Duck, Smoked Chicken, Prawns, Saté Fish Lilit, Perkedel, Sambal Matah, Sambal Hijau


Rijsttafel Vegetarian: Steamed Red Rice, Balinese Sayur Urab, Zoodles, Sautéed Tofu and Tempe, Potato Perkedel, Tofu Saté Lilit, Sambal Matah


Home-made Mango or Coconut Ice Cream


Carnivores:  Rp 165,000                                Vegetarians:   Rp 139,000


We add the standard 10% government tax and 5% service charge



By email: murni at
Tel: +62 361 975233

Christmas Rijsttafel

Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile Inflight Magazine

Smile Inflight Magazine Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile inflight magazine for Cebu Pacific Airways 

“The countryside is all around Ubud if you just know where to look: get out there with the Bali Bird Walk (US$37). Curious travellers will find the tour worth every dollar: as you stroll through the rice fields you’ll spot egrets, herons, kingfishers and amphibians, and learn about the traditions that have shaped these ancient landscapes. The tour includes an Indonesian lunch at Murni’s Warung (Jalan Raya Campuhan), Ubud’s first real restaurant, dating all the way back to 1974; the nasi campur (rice with a range of vegetables and curries) is a classic choice. ”

Murni’s Warung, Ubud – Smile inflight magazine for Cebu Pacific Airways,  November 2017

Murni's Warung Ubud Smile Magazine


Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide

Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide

murni's warung, epicure, baliBali Special

Famed for its pristine beaches, striking sunsets and rich culture, the sought-after Indonesian destination also boasts a burgeoning number of highly lauded hotels, restaurants and bars. Meredith Woo goes on a gastronomic eight-day journey to the Island of the Gods.

An Ubud Invitation

An hour from the closest beach town, inland Ubud offers other attractions: art and culture, serenity and some of Mother Nature’s best views.

A day trip to the central foothills of Gianyar regency will not suffice. Ubud has so much more to offer – from meditative sunrise mountain peak views to villages known for intricate silver-smithing and the delicate craft of egg painting.


If you seek museum quality relics, visit Murni’s Warung Shop. A plethora of rare pieces such as a Balinese comb bearing green and red carnellians (Rp 5,750,000) and intricate batik stamps (from Rp 385,000) feature in this 41-year-old establishment, which is part gallery.

The adjoining four-storey restaurant offers daily specials such as stir-fried duck (Rp 79,000) and beef rendang. Beyond Murni’s expertise in Asian antiques, textiles and food, she has expanded her portfolio to include a spa and guest houses in downtown Ubud.

Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide






Murni’s Warung – Epicure – Bali Guide

Gift Voucher for Warung

Gift Vouchers are the perfect present for every occasion.

Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or to reward someone – everyone is pleased to receive a Gift Voucher, especially of course for Christmas.

You can pay using PayPal by going to their web site (

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