Murni’s Warung, Ubud – 100 Best Foods of Bali

Murni's Warung, Ubud - 100 Best Foods of BaliMurni’s Warung, Ubud – 100 Best Foods of Bali

Murni’s Warung is a trailblazing modern restaurant in Ubud, and the name Murni is taken from the owner, Ibu Ni Wayan Murni. Where Murni’s Warung now stands, 41 years ago there were just four tables and a batik shop. Ibu Murni offered a simple menu, of coffee, toast, and customer favorite, bubuh injin, which she made herself.

Through persistence, hard work, and hospitality this small warung expanded. Together with her American husband, Pat, Ibu Murni opened a larger restaurant and enlarged the menu. Now there is not only traditional Balinese fare but also a number of international items to satisfy her customers, most of whom are foreigners. Ayam betutu is served with nasi kuning, and babi guling and bubuh injin remain favorites. To satisfy a sweet tooth, the Balinese Caramel Cake (created by Ibu Murni) and the apple pie are the most popular.

Because the restaurant is on the edge of a cliff next to the Campuhan River, it was built on four levels. Aside from the dining area, on the second floor there is a lounge bar where customers can enjoy snacks and drinks while listening to music. Choose whatever you want from the menu, then choose a great view to accompany your meal.

Murni’s Warung, Ubud – 100 Best Foods of Bali

by Bondon Winaro, Lidia Tanod and Harry Nazarudin, Penerbit Jalansutra, 2015