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The Lounge Bar on Level 2

The Lounge Bar on Level 2

Murni's Warung The Lounge Bar on Level 2

The Lounge Bar at Murni’s Warung has been nominated by Honeycombers Bali in the Top 9 Best Bars in Ubud,

“One of Ubud’s true hidden gems, this atmospheric cocktail bar is hidden down a few flights of stairs below Murni’s restaurant – one of the first ever to open in the area over 30 years ago. Its magical ambiance harks back to a forgotten era of Bali, and a tried and tested cocktail list ensures you’ll end up staying way longer than you expect.”

The Lounge Bar on Level 2  is just a gorgeously proportioned room decorated with tribal art and sculptures – many Balinese masks cover the walls.

The Lounge Bar on Level 2

The large hand-made bronze statue of Ganesha, the Elephant God, that greets you in the Lounge Bar, was commissioned in 1997 and completed in early 2002. He and Murni are the same height.

Indonesia is famous for batik and there is a large bowl for hot wax used in making batik in front of Ganesha. It is filled with fresh water and flowers every day. In fact the restaurant has lots of fresh flowers everywhere.

There are comfortable sofas and tables, perfect for tropical cocktails or a meal, while listening to cool jazz and other favourites.

The view from the The Lounge Bar on Level 2 is equally stunning and not to be missed.


The Lounge Bar on Level 2